LITE RITE Lighting Design is committed to envisioning and implementing the best lighting design, lighting control system and luminary schedule for your project. Our goal is to bring interesting, innovative, efficient lighting design and solutions in a timely manner. Every project is different and presents new opportunities and challenges, by addressing each project in phases, LITE RITE strives to present the best possible lighting solutions for your project.


A LITE RITE team member will visit the site or meet with the client to establish the basis of design. We are able to assess the current system, gather information, identify the use of the space, define the scope of work, and set goals.

Assess Existing Lighting Systems
Survey Building Conditions
Evaluate Human Factors
Establish and Evaluate Project Budget


Communication with the client allows the LITE RITE design team to conceptualize a design plan with specific lighting and control systems based on the Pre-Design Phase. Selection of luminaires, detailed drawings and photometrics will be conducted in the design phase.

Establish Design Constraints
Preliminary Design Concept
Design Development
Client Presentations and Sign-Offs
Lighting Specifications
Lighting Control Drawings


LITE RITE will assist with the bid process and support the design intent through the construction process. LITE RITE’s Design and Distribution teams combine their project management experience to make your project a success.

Administrative Services
Construction Support

Luke Allcom
Luke Allcom

As one of our top lighting vendors, LITE RITE was diligent and highly committed to their work. Their solid lighting design skills and commitment to customer service became apparent when they helped our company with several very complicated lighting projects. Their team’s quick response to our needs and attention to detail produced lighting design, photo-metrics and lighting documentation enabling our staff to do literally twice as much in half the time.