We’ve all been there: shelves stocked high with breakers, lamps, wire and conduit, an (ironically) dimly lit counter where underpaid, overworked, 9 to 5 order takers look confused when you show up with a set of plans. Don’t get me wrong, the traditional electrical wholesale house is the birthplace of some of the most intensely engaged and professional electrical industry geniuses.

But the reality is most electrical distributors are focused on moving product: switches, dimmers, wire and conduit. Our favorite counter guys, even some of the best inside sales folk, think bits and pieces. They’re experts at memorizing your favorite 12-2 Romex, 4S box, recessed housing and dimmer combo for your daily needs. That is – as long as you ask for it by name!

The LITE RITE Difference: Systems Solutions

manufacturersThe advent of TITLE 24, and the California Energy Commission’s suddenly aggressive move towards energy efficiency brought with it confusion and frustration on how to design and build code compliant projects that don’t break the bank. LITE RITE sets itself apart by thinking systems solutions that prevent nightmarish code compliance and product compatibility issues, and by consistently aiding in keeping construction budgets in control.

Distributing with this perspective obligates LITE RITE Project Developers to understand code requirements and challenges, construction schedules and logistics. Therefore, we constantly strive to seek out the latest technology, and create partnerships with the most aggressively priced, reliable and readily available systems manufacturers. While wholesale houses shy away from aiding in product and system specification, LITE RITE Project Developers revel at the opportunity to provide clients with solutions that work and they can afford. With a growing line card of lighting and lighting control manufacturers, and increasingly growing stock, there is no project LITE RITE can’t handle.

From project conception to completion, LITE RITE is committed to envisioning, controlling and illuminating your project in a timely and professional manner. Call one of our professional Project Developers today, and see the difference LITE RITE can make in your projects!

By Edrei Perez